Speaking Spanish

Diamond Miller studied Italian in grammar school and Spanish at Dublin during her freshman year utilizing traditional methods.  Focused on conjugation and online and text based learning, “Learning a language that way is really hard.  I had no idea what to say.  It just didn’t work with my brain.”

The new World Language Program at Dublin has been a sea change for Diamond.  Using the Organic World Language methodology, the focus is squarely centered on conversation.  Combining total language immersion with movement and an ever changing range of group activities,” It’s just so much fun! There are games in the class that help us learn everything in Spanish. It is kind of like living in a foreign country… we just speak Spanish from the time we enter the classroom. Instead of simply learning a bunch of grammar, we are having a conversation.“

Diamond thinks it is an ideal approach for anyone who wants to learn to speak proficiently.  She finds that she is forcing herself to understand what everyone else is saying.  Since everyone in the class is facing the same challenges simultaneously, there is less fear of pronouncing things incorrectly.  She resists falling into the habit of dropping an English word into the classroom conversation as she feels like she is being evaluated for how hard she is trying to learn as opposed to her pronunciation on any given day. Finally, the fact that its an active class makes it a great break during the day from her other studies, “ I’m energized. It gets me up in the morning.  I find myself walking out of the classroom speaking Spanish….”

On the change from learning Italian, “Spanish is just such a great language to learn.  Not only is it spoken so many place around the world, but I can speak Spanish in NY or New Jersey, California or Florida. I know that someday I may use it at a job. Not many languages offer that.”

Learning the way native speakers do has opened up a whole new level of understanding for Diamond.  Mostly though it has been a more efficient approach, “I’ve just learned so much more Spanish…”

Dublin School

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