Mountain Biking at Highland Mountain Bike Park - October 9, 2016​

Saturday, five brave cross country mountain bikers ventured into the world of Enduro racing at Highland Mountain Bike Park.  An enduro race consists of three timed downhill sections of trails and two sections of un-timed uphill climbs.  It combines the dangers and excitement of downhill biking with the endurance and grueling climbs of XC. They had to gear up with full face helmets and pads and rent special bikes, because their regular racing bikes wouldn't cut it on this course.  Armaan Gandevia (Hong Kong) turned it up for Dublin, and placed 4th in the entire race.  Jared Lewis (Bennington, NH) was 10th, and Emil Hristache (Peterborough, NH) was 14th. Sean Brown (Hampton Falls, NH) and Peter Spang (South Hamilton, MA) had DNF's for bike issues, but still turned in a good day of racing. 

Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States