Sailing at Wednesday Team Races - October 5, 2016

Clean dock this afternoon as entire fleet was out racing!  5 race series on a w-l 2x course.  Wind pattern was surge - fade, and it shifted direction one way with each surge and the opposite way with the fade.  The sailors who figured out this pattern, including Jack and Eric,  had better results.

Day concluded with a (thankfully rare) on-dock protest hearing.  Mr Catlin walked entire team through the process step-by-step so all could see what transpires ashore after one boat fouls another and does not take an on-the-water penalty.  Thanks to Reed, Silas, and Henry W who volunteered to join ad-hoc protest committee along with the two coaches.  The committee was unanimous in its decision, which is reflected in results below.

Take-home message: it is always better to pay for your fouls on the water than risk losing a protest.

Place Points Boat Team (helm, crew)

9  36 Irena Clements (Long Grove, IL) /Grace Harrington
8  35  Henry White (Springfield, MA) / Rebecca Magruder (Atlanta, GA)
6  tie 30 Faith Lewis (Bennington, NH) / Alex Goltz (Dallas, TX)
6 tie 30 Henry Luettgen (Winchester, MA) / Deven Hardikar (Peterborough, NH)
5 28 Wyatt Switzer (Marlborough, NH) / Cameron Mackay-Smith (White Post, VA)
4 24 Mya Kerwin (Hancock, NH) / Aidan Carter (Mattituck, NY)
3 23 Jack Richter (Norman, OK) / Eric Freeman (Dover, MA)
2 14 Taya Kerwin (Hancock, NH) / Reed Brencher (Killingworth, CT)
1 11 Laura Coffin (Keene, NH) / Silas Howe (Amherst, NH)


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