Reunion 2016 - There is Something About the "6's"

Erika Rogers

This past weekend we had perhaps the most successful Alumni/Reunion Weekend since the school celebrated its 75th Anniversary back in 2010.  There were alumni from 1950 - 2011, former faculty members, significant others, dogs, and new Dublin School alumni babies ready to become the Class of 2030.  Dublin School was packed! 

Although all alumni are welcome back every year, there is always a particular emphasis on the classes celebrating ten year graduation milestones, which this year were the 6’s: the Classes of 1966, 1976, 1986, 1996, and 2006. There seems to be something about the 6’s:  

  • From the stories I heard, the Class of 1966 pulled a lot of pranks on Paul Lehmann and used their friendly academic rivalry to go on to very successful careers.  
  • The Class of 1976 loves to party, and their many friendships have survived the test of time. They all shared a house over the alumni weekend.  
  • The Class of 1986, held close together by Class Agent and Board President Rob English, have shown tremendous dedication to Dublin School despite the fact that their Dublin School experience was under three different headmasters. Which must be a record of sorts???
  • The Class of 1996, with a smaller showing this year, are passionate about life and engaging with the Dublin students of today.  They still get choked up when remembering their headmaster, Chris Horgan, they loved visiting with K, Jill, Spencer and Chris's grandsons. 
  • Finally, the Class of 2006, slipped right back into conversations, jokes and old advisor/advisee relationships like the past 10 years never happened.  For this old biology teacher, it was wonderful.

All in all, it was a great Alumni/Reunion Weekend and there is definitely something about those 6’s….but of course there is always next year with the '7s  which are supposed to be lucky.

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