Mountain Biking at Northern New England Mountain Bike Race Series Championship - October 29, 2016

It was another cold and rainy day as Dublin and 23 competing schools raced at Highland Mountain Bike Park on Saturday for the Northern New England Mountain Bike Race Series Championships.  The championship race brought together the Eastern and Western Divisions, putting almost 200 riders on an already muddy and slippery course.  By the time the race was over, legs, backs, bikes and teeth were covered in mud. In short, a great cross country mountain bike race!  

Our highest placing rider of the day was Imogen VonMertens (Hancock, NH), whose second place C race finish brought her her first podium and the teams' only one of the day.  

When series final points were calculated, Sean Brown (Hampton Falls, NH) earned the highest point total for a Junior in the Western Division and Dublin School earned the trophy for the third place spot for the Western Series.  A great end to a fantastic season! Talk on the bus ride home was buzzing with excitement for next year and of the training that we want to do before next season begins.  

We wanted to thank our senior leaders for great years of helping shape what the mountain bike team has become.  The success we've achieved since the program started would not have happened without Jared Lewis (Bennington, NH), Emil Hristache (Peterborough, NH), Armaan Gandevia (Hong Kong, China), Alexander AJ Simpson (New York, NY) and Warren Umbach (Birmingham, AL).



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