Family Weekend 2016

By Jill Hutchins, Dean of Enrollment Management

In my opinion, Family Weekend is the best Dublin School event held each year other than Graduation!  This past weekend did not disappoint,  as we had spectacular Fall weather and the largest attendance of families ever!  We have the best families and it is always a pleasure to put on this weekend for you! 

Music by Timeflies - Once In A While

It is a time to catch up with old friends and to make new friends. It is a time for our full community to be together!  I loved all the chatter that was taking place in the living room of The School House. I overheard a grandmother saying that she didn't believe the Dublin School view-book when she read it because it just seemed to be to good to be true, but now “I see it really happens!”  Matt Parker, Assistant Director of Admissions, said it well, “It is great to be so involved with this weekend because it confirms everything that we’ve gotten excited about and that we have enrolled the “right” kids.”  There is something so heartwarming about a parent expressing their gratitude for what Dublin is giving their child.  It makes the work that we do in the Dublin admissions office all that more rewarding! 

My favorite part of Family Weekend is Saturday morning when parents get to experience a day in the academic life of their children. They go to morning meeting with our Head of School before attending their child’s classes as a student!  While morning meeting may have less announcements and classes are only fifteen minutes long, parents walk the paths and learn in the classrooms of their children.  They love it!  They often say “Can I apply” as they pass me on the quad between classes, or share something they have learned.  My favorite quote from a mom coming out of a physics class was “I think I just understood a physics concept for the first time ever — now that guy can teach!”  

From sailing regatta’s to tasty meals to parent teacher conferences, 2016 Family Weekend was a success! Thank you to all that came and a special shout out to those that came from the west coast and beyond. Your effort was noticed and appreciated.   And to the amazing faculty that work extra long hours making sure that they individually see each of their students parents - Wow!

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