Sailing - October 11, 2016

Around the Boat!  

Today the sailors finally got to do their all-time favorite drill: "Around the boat."  The concept is easy: sail your boat around-and-around the coach boat, which is moving slowly and towing a buoy for you to turn behind.  In practice it is something else: every other boat also wants to sail right near the coach boat in the same space you want to sail your boat!  This is a great close-quarters boat-handling drill, but sailors also like it because -done right- this is a very social drill as the entire team is sailing within talking distance of each other.  Mr Catlin likes it because, with everyone sailing continuously close by, he can work rapidly one-on-one with every boat and in a short time see technique improve aboard each one.

Photo credits to Grace Harrington, who could not sail Tuesday but had a great time anyway.

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