Mountain Biking at Vermont Academy - October 19, 2016

Coming off of our fall break, the mountain biking team had three riders show up to the optional race at Vermont Academy on Wednesday.  Jared Lewis, Sean Brown, and AJ Lee strapped on their helmets and took on a very technical course.  It was decided that after a third place finish in his first ever B class race, AJ was ready for a move up to A class, and he joined the small list of riders who have raced A class for Dublin School's mountain biking team. 

The race had a LeMond start, meaning that the riders rested their bikes down at the starting line, and ran a 100 yard dash to see who could get to their bike and start pedaling the fastest.  AJ, a seasoned track star in Hong Kong, took out ahead of the crowd and took off ahead of the pack. As the race wound down, Jared placed 8th, AJ was 10th, and Sean was close behind with 11th.  Overall a great finish, and special mention to AJ for placing in the top 10 for his first A class race. 

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