“Growing Your Goals:” Michelle Zhong’s Senior Presentation

By Mia Brady '18

On October tenth we heard from Michelle about her love of rowing. She showed us how to stay motivated even when things get tough. Her love of the sport was easily recognizable through the way she talked. Michelle opened up about how her rowing career hasn’t been easy, but how with the support of people who want to see her succeed, she has excelled in the boat and out of it.  

 Michelle Zhong - second from stern.

Michelle Zhong - second from stern.

Over the summer, while most of the student body was hardcore binge watching Netflix, Michelle was being put to work at an intense rowing camp. When thinking about her senior presentation, the initial idea was to show the school what that camp was like, but after break, Michelle decided she wanted to share something a little more meaningful with the community given the opportunity.

She decided the most powerful way to share her story was to use her voice as opposed to videos. This was the best way for her to express her passion, and, as we saw, it worked.

Michelle used TED as a resource for observing how other people shared their stories and for gaining tips on how to tell hers. She mentioned how one of her biggest struggles was time management, something many of us struggle with as students. However, brainstorming with Mr. Schofield and receiving help from Mrs. Imhoff strengthened the actual presenting piece of the presentation.  

In my interview with Michelle after her presentation, she told me about how a number of students approached her about their interest in the rowing team in the spring. The fact that she had helped inspire people to want to do what she loved was very rewarding. During the process she learned to start with a small goal that is easily attainable and sort of “grow” your goals from there. It was wonderful getting to hear one thing that really matters in her life and to many other students and faculty in our community.


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