The Legacy and Life of Yankee Magazine

By: Owen Mortner '18

Dublin enjoyed a surprise guest at last Tuesday’s morning meeting. Jamie Trowbridge, the CEO of Dublin’s next-door neighbor Yankee Publishing. Mr. Trowbridge offered insight into the history of Yankee and what he called its “legacy as a magazine for New England.” He also spoke on his personal involvement in Yankee, explaining that he inherited the family-business from his grandfather. Mr. Trowbridge noted Yankee’s second publication, The Old Farmer’s Almanac, which is inconspicuous but extremely popular, being one of the oldest yearly publications in the country. 

 Mr. Trowbridge took several apt questions from Dublin students in the second part of his presentation. Answering queries about current topics such as sponsored content and digital readership. His professional and honest manner opened the door for thoughtful and engaged rapport with the Dublin Community. Towards the end of his presentation, Mr. Trowbridge also said that he was “open to internship opportunities for Dublin students.” So it seems that Dublin’s friendly relationship with Yankee looks as though it will continue to thrive and develop. 

We were treated to complimentary copies of a Yankee Magazine edition that Mr. Trowbridge said was one of the most representative issues of the periodical. Mr. Trowbridge’s presentation clearly made its mark, since copies, handed out by Dublin newsie Mr. Marr, were eagerly snatched up as students exited the recital hall.