Senior Presentation - John Scriven

By: Calvin Bates '17

When we all gathered for morning meeting on Tuesday, only three people knew what John Scriven’s senior presentation was going to be about, and John was not one of them. He had asked Lilly Cambell, Hunter Bachman, and Alexander Maxwell to create a slideshow presentation that he would display and talk about, without telling him anything about it. John talked about his haircuts in middle school, his memories of his summer lakehouse, his love of soccer, his fascination with time, and many other interesting topics. At the end of the slide show, he opened a time capsule which Lilly, Hunter and Maxwell had stocked with a few random objects and note from PJ (Past John) to FJ (Future John). John went through all of the objects, explaining the “meaning” behind each.

To the audience, the presentation was confusing and hilarious. John did such an excellent job of being subtle about what was actually going on that we had no idea he was improvising. Somehow, he kept the audience laughing out loud throughout the presentation. Slowly we realized something was going on, but no one expected the big reveal that he was making up his own presentation to go along with unknown and surprising prompts. Great job, John.