First Day of Classes.

The students have finally headed to their sports practices and dance rehearsals this afternoon so I have a minute to reflect on a busy and wonderful day. Please excuse the varying quality of these photos but I just wanted to share some of the great moments from the first day of classes. As usual, we started the day as a full community in the Shonk Recital Hall.

So much energy in Morning Meeting! Great to see the Class of 2016 in the front row.

Ms. Bouton is a little bit excited to be back in the classroom with her history students.

Mr. Schofield teaching photography.

The Spencer Student Center back in action.

New English Department Chair Rachael Jennings teaching her first class at Dublin.

Teddy running to class with a big smile.

Some of our awesome ninth graders on the quad. Massachusetts schools closed today due to the heat but we stayed cool on Beech Hill.

John looking scholarly.

Go Wulff!

Henry in between classes. Does anyone remember when we had a parking lot where he is standing?

Geoffrey, Jared, and Casey getting ready for lunch with their advisor, Mr. Jackson. They found the best table on campus.

New  Learning Specialist Sophie Luxmoore with her advisees.

Mr. Ames holding court.

Ms. Sintetos had way too much fun today.

New English teacher Alex Scalfano's advisees didn't want lunch to end.