Reach the Beach 2015

   Dublin's Dedicated Team & Accomplished Athletes By Rachael Jennings

This year’s Reach the Beach brought over 500 teams. Dublin’s runners—Sydney Clarke, Danny Figeueroa, Mark Franklin, Cam Harrington, Faith Lewis, Jared Lewis, Ian Stanford, and Will Stanhope, along with Ms. Holly Macy, Ms. Susie Vogel, Mr. Rodrigo Villaamil, and Dr. Joanna Smith—braved the race across New Hampshire. Ms. Holly Macy describes the thrill of the relay race in saying that she saw “eight students push themselves to new physical limits, all the while, having a blast!” She notes a particular anecdote that made all of the participants smile: one Sydney Clarke accidentally running seven extra miles—seven!

Clarke’s legs were 3.8, 4.5, and 4,1, but during the 4.5 mile leg, she turned the course into over eleven miles; a person working at Reach the Beach told her to keep running, and then no one told her to stop.

“She told me that she ‘thought it felt like more than four miles!’” laughs Macy.

Throughout the race, Dublin’s athletes left Dublin Endurance Team magnets on different vehicles, and they even spotted one that they had placed the previous year. They enjoyed adventures of all sorts: swimming in a pond filled by the Saco River, sleeping on a tarp laid out behind the van at 2:45am near Bear Brook State Park, running into Dublin alumnus Alex Scaffer and former Dublin Parent Alex Lang, running around Mount Washington in the “ridiculously hot [weather],” as Faith Lewis describes it, hearing good advice from Dr. Joanna Smith during van rides, and laughing at Mr. Rodrigo Villaamil’s van-ride commentary. 

Sydney Clarke sums up the exhilarating, empowering experience in noting that her favorite moment in the whole adventure was “crossing the finish line.” She continues, saying, “After running so far in both the cool night time breeze and the heat of the afternoon through sand and pavement, I felt so accomplished and proud of myself; I felt like a champion. Running with my teammates beside me to the beach made me feel like this was my year to establish myself as the fighter and dedicated person I’ve always been.” 

Here’s to Dublin’s dedicated fighters, its accomplished champions.