Team Racing - September 23, 2015

Sailors are working this week on attaining individual goals within the context of full-team drills both in the lake and ashore.  Everyone is developing teamwork skills.  More advanced sailors are refining their boat handling technique while the newer ones are working on reliably rigging and de-rigging boats, learning how to keep everything 'ship shape,' and naming parts.  Did you know the school's principal boat, the Club 420, has over 50 distinct parts which to be proficient sailors need to learn and name?  On a windy day, or as one is making a rapid approach to the dock, "quick, grab that thing over there!" just won't cut it.

In some ways the very light winds Mother Nature has sent across the lake this week have been a tremendous boon for the newer sailors.  Coach Catlin believes the team is now ready for some heavier air, but wind is completely in Mother Nature's hands.  The team ran its first race Wednesday and got just 7/8 of the way through it before the wind died, the lake surface became a mirror, and it was time to go swimming!  From mid-lake the perfect reflection of Mt Mondanock on a sunny fall day is a special sight.

Here's a photo from earlier in the week with the team just returning to the dock and Monadnock in the background.

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