Crew Competes at Nationals

Dublin School rowing team traveled to Fairfax, to compete at the 2nd Annual National Schools’ Championship Regatta. The regatta, a nationally recognized event which only allows entry of athletes from single scholastic rowing programs, was hosted by the National Scholastic Rowing Association (NSRA) on the Occoquan Reservoir outside of Washington D.C. Over 40 different school programs from across the country attended the event.

Dublin fielded 5 crews at the NSC Regatta: their boys 1V, 2V, and lightweight fours, along with their girls 1V and 2V fours. Racing would be held over a single day, on a fully buoyed, 6-lane, 1500 meter straight course, with the 1V fours racing in heats-to-finals, while the 2V and lightweight events would go straight to finals.

Boys 2V 4+

Representing Dublin in the boys 2nd varsity 4+ were Matt Coffin (stroke), Chris Brodie (3-seat), Will Stanhope (2-seat), and Gus Jaynes (bow), with Phoebe Glaude as the coxswain. Despite the fact that half the boat was comprised of novice rowers, the boys had been rowing well and improving throughout the course of the season, and especially during post-season training. They looked strong coming into the last 500 meters of the race, and were even with CRLS and South County. The wildcats started losing ground in the final 250 meters, however, as each crew sprinted towards the finish. They finished solidly in 4th, ahead of Upper Merion and just out of medal contention by 2 seconds to South County. Lyme took 1st, followed by CRLS.


Girls 2V 4+

The girls’ 2nd varsity 4+ had lady wildcats Zoe Hewitt (stroke), Kate Fulshaw (3-seat), Michelle Zhong (2-seat), Kate Barrett (bow), and Maja Hardikar (bow) racing in a fast final. In their field were the Mass Public School Champs, Duxbury, and NEIRA podium finishers Lyme-Old Lyme. Despite intense competition and the fact that this boat was also half comprised of novice year rowers, the ladies raced fiercely and powerfully, having one of their better races as a young crew. They were able to pull off a 3rd place finish overall, just 2.5 seconds behind Duxbury, taking the bronze! 


Girls 1V 4+

In the girls’ 1st varsity 4+ were Mekenzie Mattheson (stroke), Lilly Campbell (3-seat), Sierra Riley (2-seat), and Tatum Wilson (bow), with coxswain Joey Hynes. The girls faced some tough competition in their heat, and also had an incredibly unfortunate mishap as the start which put them last getting off the line. Surprisingly, they were able to battle back up through the ranks, picking off  2 of the 5 other competing crews over the length of the 1500 meter course. As they continued to progress, they eventually ran out of real estate, and finished 4th behind Absegami, Duxbury, and James Madison. Although disheartened, they went on to the Petite Final later that afternoon and redeemed their previous row with a much cleaner start and some great side-by-side racing with Oakton. The girls finished 3rd, just 2-tenths of a second ahead of 4th! Woodson took 2nd and Boston Latin came in 1st.


Boys LW 4+

The Dublin School lightweight boys’ 4+ went straight to a grand final with 5 very light, but very fast crews in attendance. G.H. Werowinski (stroke), Jared Lewis (3-seat), Calvin Bates (2-seat), and Myles Spencer (bow),

raced in the event with coxswain Joey Hynes. The boys had proven their speed in the Northeast, and now were itching to prove that they were the fastest scholastic lightweight 4+ in the country. As the race got underway, all crews remained even off the start and through the halfway mark. Separation occurred around 500 meters to go, and as they approached the sprint, our boys were out in front of the pack with the crew from Walter Johnson! With 250 meters left to go, the wildcat lights dropped the hammer, shifting up once more in their sprint and taking the cadence to somewhere in the low 40s. The WJ crew could not respond to this, and Dublin pulled out definitively ahead, capturing 1st place, the gold medal, and the title of National Schools’ Champions!


Boys 1V 4+

In the school’s final event of the day was Dublin’s 1st varsity boys’ 4+ consisting of Jesse Garrett-Larsen (stroke), Andrew Johnston (3-seat), Will Hamer (2-seat), and John Scriven (bow), with Maja Hardikar as coxswain in her 2nd event of the day. The boys were lucky in the initial heats’ draw, and had a very controlled and smooth race. They took a comfortable 2nd place finish, with Lyme-Old Lyme just ahead and West Springfield behind, to move on to the grand final later that afternoon! The grand final proved to be a barn-burner, and the boys knew they had to pour their hearts into the race for any chance at making a podium finish. All boats were even racing through the 750 meter mark, with some crews starting to fade back. As they entered the final sprint, Lyme and Episcopal, who the boys had been hanging with the entire race, managed to get ahead. This left the wildcats in the position of fending off the remaining crews for 3rd. Our boys possessed a great start and race body, but all in the boat knew their Achilles’ heel was the sprint. As Lyme and Episcopal passed them, CRLS started to creep up from the 4th position. As all crews entered the final 100 meters and last 10 strokes of the race, CRLS managed to make contact with the wildcat crew and was clawing up their stern. It was too little too late, though, as our boys pressed every once of energy they had left into their legs and managed to cross the finish line ahead, taking 3rd overall and the bronze medal!


Boys 1V sporting the bronze!

This concluded the National Schools’ Championship Regatta, and another epic season for the Dublin School rowing team. We now return to New Hampshire with some unforgettable memories, great race experiences, several new lessons in rowing and in life, a sizable collection of hardware, and a National Schools’ title! Thank you to all that made this season possible: the parents, athletes, coaches, and Dublin School community. Without your support, the team could not have progressed so far in a matter of 5 short years. The future outlook remains as bright as it was back in 2010!