Senior Presentation - Gareth Davies-Brown

On the last day of the first trimester, Gareth Davies-Brown did his senior presentation on one of his true loves, music. Starting with a little information about his family and how they have supported his endeavors, Gareth then proceeded to talk about music and some of the major influences he’s had while learning and playing instruments such as the guitar, bass, and drums. From there, he told the Dublin community about how he started and what some of his strategies for song writing are, highly recommending meditating among other helpful processes. 

Ending with the performance of an incredible original song, Gareth shared with the Dublin Community one of his passions and what it meant to him. 

Later that day, Gareth went on to perform in the Arts Department Showcase. There, he spoke of a collaborative project that he and other Dublin musicians are recording: their own rendition of Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas Is You.” More details, on that, to come.