Meet the New Faculty - Sophie Luxmoore

One of the first incredible stories we have heard from Ms. Sophie Luxmoore involves the time that, when he made dinner, Samuel L. Jackson gave her food poisoning. The story emerges from a career in Los Angeles, where Luxmoore worked on the production side of movies sets from “movies you’ve never heard of before.” After this adventure, she became a teacher: she joined the D.C. Teaching Fellowship, and, since, she has worked in integrated classrooms, self-contained classrooms, and standard English classrooms. Luxmoore holds a BS in Theatre from Skidmore College and an MA in Special Education.

In the fall, Luxmoore joined Dublin as a Learning Specialist. Her students enjoy working with her because of her energy, patience, sense of humor, and obvious care for them and their experiences as learners, thinkers, and people. This winter, she will also bring her talents from her L.A. film career to the stage in helping with the Winter Play.

What adventures does Luxmoore seek when she is not working? She loves writing and last month led students in National Novel Writing Month (NANOWRIMO). “I enjoy learning from creative challenges and really do believe that you learn a lot from failure,” she says. Though she did not finish her novel, she was glad to gain insights, perspective, and future focus points. She describes some take-aways: “writing dialogue is really difficult,” “developing a 3D-character is really hard, especially from the viewpoint of a single narrator,” and “it is important to be devoted to the time that you have set aside for writing—it has to become a habit, just like working out.” In October, she did a 30-day creative sprint, where she responded to daily prompts and posted them on Instagram. She’s competitive and thoroughly enjoys trying new projects and setting new goals. She commends all NANOWRIMO writers: even if they didn’t reach their specific goals, they invested, they learned, and they have some substantial material to continue the journey.

When not writing or trying new 30-day challenges, you also might find her enjoying the whole experience of seeing movies, as she prefers going to theatres than just watching online. She describes her vacations as “kayak-based,” though not all have been. Some of her favorite travel destinations have included Northern Thailand, Hong Kong, and the English countryside. Up next, she hopes to see Ecuador, Morocco, and South Africa. Luxmoore also loves to teach her son Jack—a beloved presence on campus—how to bike, put together trains, and swim, and she cannot wait to teach him how to ski at Dublin.

When she considers her time spent getting to know Dublin and the many adventures ahead, she says, “I like [the school’s] investment in learned and their wish to get kids to do things they’ve never done. That’s what I want to do here: things I’ve never done.”