Senior Presentation - Lillian Campbell By: Harry Flores

Morning Meetings at Dublin are usually energized and clamorous, full of talk among members in the community. But on Tuesday the 8th of December, Lillian Campbell changed the atmosphere of Morning Meeting by asking for calm silence the night before, crucial to her senior presentation. As the last students and faculty members trickled in the room, not a word was spoken, yet you could feel Lilly’s presence as she sat on stage with her laptop in front of her and beneath a shining lamp.

She projected her thoughts, words, and images with a slide show she had created, keeping everyone attentive to each slide. The slides consisted of words, vibrant colored images, and phrases. Reading past the slides you can feel the weight on the phrases I love you, I am like you, and GOD DAMMIT LISTEN TO ME. Having so much to say Lilly decided to say nothing and let her presentation speak for itself. What more could she have said than telling the community she loved them.

Ending her presentation, Lilly turned the light off and took questions from the audience.

When asked, “why the silence?”, Lilly shared that it was inspired by her Quaker religion and the value of silence.