Senior Presentation - Juliette Valade By: Robby Bostrup

 Starting with the first senior presentation of the trimester, Juliette Valade shared some of her most personal stories with the Dublin community. First talking about how she thought she might but actually didn’t have mono, her eleven-month trip in Utah at a treatment center, then about her own recovery. “[The first time I thought I had mono] I didn’t truly have it, but I found out at the doctors that I was depressed,” says Juliette. And her journey to be happy with herself. The message that stood out was “Don’t rely on others.” She talked about how even if people are helping you, in order to truly get better, you need to figure it out yourself. 

To wrap up the presentation, she talked about how she went to the doctor’s over the summer and found out she actually did have mono this time. However, she was in a much better place at that point, compared to the original doctor’s visit. Her presentation was an uplifting way to start the semester.