Senior Presentation- Hannah Cheyney By: Noelia Calcano

On the 15th of December, Hannah Cheyney gave her senior presentation on what family has meant to her throughout her life. With baby pictures taken at just the right moment and vivid stories, she took us on the journey of her open adoption and the impact that having three families to fall back on has had on her. She described the seamless relationship she has with her adoptive and birth parents and how much her different families have shaped her into the person she is today. 

Her birth family represents her roots, while her adoptive family has taught her the importance of trying new things and has given her countless opportunities, such as attending Dublin. Hannah’s experience has taught her that family can mean something different to everyone. To some, family represents the people who feel like home and to others it’s means the people who never fail to drive you crazy and make you smile effortlessly. 

In the end, family is more than blood; Hannah has three families but she doesn’t think of them as her birth dad’s family, her birth mom’s family, or her adoptive family. They are all simply her family.