Weekend Passport

By: Erin Bouton, Director of Residential Life

The Weekend Passport was created after a summer meeting in 2013 with the Head of School, a few duty team leaders, and head of the Arts Department. Ms. Foreman wanted to find ways to incorporate more cultural activities on the weekends, and Mr. Jackson wanted to share his family’s love for outdoors with students, and, thus, the passport program was born! 

We came up with a list of types of outdoor adventures and cultural opportunities that we felt students would enjoy—but also things that we could offer easily to boost the activities the duty teams could feasibly offer each weekend. Hiking various peaks in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Vermont, as well as canoeing, skiing, and geocaching have been successful outdoor adventures. 

Dublin students have attended poetry readings, museum exhibits, the creation of a sand mandala by Tibetan Monks, as well as contra dances. A huge thanks to Ms. Anne Mackey for helping to design and order the physical passports that have each student’s school photos from their years at Dublin. 

The expectation is 9th graders will complete eight events each year. The 10th graders must attend six events, 11th graders can choose a minimum of four events each year, and 12th graders will complete two by their final year at Dublin. The vision of this program is integrate an appreciation for the beautiful outdoors and provide ways for our students to experience cultural events. 

The passport program is just another way to “awaken a curiosity for knowledge and passion for learning” outside of the classroom!

This weekend, students began using and stamping their brand new Dublin Weekend Passports. On the next page, check out some of the events students attended during this past Moxie Weekend!