Putnam Gallery - Faculty & Staff Art Exhibition

Last week, to the delight of many students and community members, Dublin opened its first Faculty and Staff Art Exhibition.

“We wanted our faculty and staff to put themselves out there like we ask our students to do with us every day,” notes Emily Luongo, Visual Arts Teacher and member of the Alumni & Development Office.         “The Faculty and Staff Art Exhibition is a wonderful opportunity for the students to get to know faculty and staff in a different light, a creative light.” Luongo was a central force in organizing, promoting, and nourishing the project, and she was thrilled to see the community’s response.

Part of the event included the opportunity for students to guess which faculty members created which works. One student got every selection correct! “The students were surprised by which faculty and staff made certain artwork. Their preconceived notions were disproven.” 

“We attracted a respectable outside crowd as well including former head of school Mr. Cornog and his wife Mary,” Luongo adds. “I am hoping we started a new holiday tradition of sorts!” 

More importantly, please note that the exhibition will run through January 8. Stop by the Putnam Gallery and shatter preconceived notions, enjoy some spectacular work, and create new conversations with faculty and staff members.

Take a glance at the next page and try to guess which artist created which work(s)! Send your best guesses to Emily Luongo at eluongo@dublinschool.org.