Poetry Out Loud Finalist

Poetry Out Loud is a national-level recitation contest that requires students to memorize, recite, and perform three poems, one of which must be pre-20th-century. All English 11 and AP Language and Composition students took up this challenge with two poems, working hard in teams and individually to get to “know their poems by heart,” know them intimately and attentively, and know how to best perform them. 

This week, we had twenty-five students audition for Poetry Out Loud for the five top spots. We judges were utterly stunned, moved, and delighted to hear from all competitors. After we completed auditions, we just sat in the classroom and gushed over how incredible it was to see students interact with poetry: they met the poems with their own experiences, they became transported, they took the stage and became another version of themselves, they rounded out syllables with grace and care, they mesmerized.

 Congratulations to this year’s winners! These students will go on to perform at Humanities on January 15. Then one will advance to represent Dublin in regionals. 

Dublin’s Poetry Out Loud Finalists:

Somali Green
A. Maxwell
Owen Mortner
Shaneil Wynter
Michelle Zhong