Senior Presentation - Will Arment By: Noeila Calcano

On Friday the 10th of October, Will Arment gave his senior presentation on his Where There Be Dragons trip to Jordan where he dove into deeper levels of contemporary Arab society and explored an overexposed yet little understood region. With his vivid recollections, Will made us feel like we were with him as he walked us through the Wadi Rum desert where his homestay family taught him how to hunt for falcons. He also described his interaction with the natural and artistic beauty of the country as he visited the Ancient Nabataean City of Petra, rekindled his faith at a Roman Catholic mass in Arabic, and explored the Dead Sea which has the lowest elevation on land. The traditional ancient city was in strong contrast to his stay in Amman, the capital which is very cosmopolitan with a heavy Western influence.  As he looked back on his time at Jordan, the highlight of Will’s experience was the Arab culture’s emphasis on hospitality which made him feel at home despite being immersed in a culture worlds away from his own.