A Word from the WRITING CENTER


On November 3, the Writing Center will open! Congratulations to the following Writing Center Tutors: Ava Mackay-Smith, Maja Hardikar, Silas Howe, Devyn Itula, Tatum Wilson, Alexander Maxwell, Owen Mortner, Robbie Bostrup, Juli Scharf, J.P. Borrego, and Noelia Calcano.

We have an excellent team of student tutors—all of whom have gone through revision workshops and Grammar Bootcamp. They are eager to work with you! Any writing is fair game to bring to the Writing Center: college essay work, English class essays, History class essays, personal narrative, or creative writing. 

Tutors are prepared to work with other students one-on-one—and our goal to empower all students to gain perspective, practice, and develop strategies that will help them become better writers. The Writing Center will run during Study Hall. Its location will change, depending on the weekday. Mr. Scalfano supervises on Tuesdays (Project Room/ Ms. Knapp’s Room), Ms. Sintetos on Wednesdays (Campus Central), and Ms. Jennings on Thursdays (Campus Central).

 Interested in stopping by to see what it’s all about? Here’s how it works. If you are in Study Hall, please ask your Study Hall proctor for a Writing Center Pass. You will go to the assigned location, and at the end of your tutoring session, the on-duty Supervisor will sign your pass to return to Study Hall. If you are not in supervised Study Hall, you may drop in to the Writing Center whenever you’d like. Please bring your work (paper or electronic copy). Be prepared to work with the Writing Tutor for at least twenty minutes. All you need is your work! Your tutor will help with the rest.