Dry Land Training

Parked on trailers at the edge of the North parking lot, the two Dublin shore drill boats are hard to miss.  The sailors use these boats, whose time-worn hulls are no longer lake- or sea-worthy, to learn and demonstrate proper techniques in a controlled environment.

Just like drills in most other sports, much can be learned ashore in an environment where frequent repetition and building muscle-memory is possible, safety can be demonstrated and emphasized, a "pause" can be made at any point during the drill, and where one can watch close-up while someone else demonstrates a technique.  In a small, readily capsize-able, boat on the breezy water none of these conditions can commonly be met for experienced sailors, much less relatively new ones.

Since return from Fall Break, all the newer-to-sailing students have spent 15 or more minutes apiece on shore drills.  They have learned and then successfully repeated the proper tacking and gybing techniques required when one is the driver of the boat.  The goal is each of them will shortly move into the driver position in a boat on the lake and - together with an experienced sailor in the forward-hand position - race several races at the helm.

Dublin School

Dublin School, Schoolhouse Rd, Dublin, NH, 03444, United States