Senior Presentation - Hunter Bachman

 By Clare Halacy

While the current AP Language and Composition students worked on an assignment about a photograph of themselves, Hunter Bachman used his senior presentation to speak of this same assignment—one he had done the previous year. The presentation gave us a look into his unique relationship with his former roommate and fellow senior, Jordan Ferreras. While the presentation showed obvious signs of Hunter’s well known personality—witty, sarcastic, candid, and just a little bit sardonic—it also dove into deeper topics. 

Hunter described the night the picture shown here was taken and that night’s trip to the Emergency Room. He took us on the adventure that was the Monadnock Regional Hospital Emergency room and told the open-ended stories he tried to write for “Bob,” the patient being treated before him. The assignment previously mentioned was due the next morning, and—frankly—Hunter hadn’t begun the assignment. The adult who accompanied him to the ER also happened to be his loving advisor and English teacher.

Knowing that he hadn’t started the assignment, she snapped a photo of the moment he returned to his dorm with copious steak and cheese subs for him and his roommate. This last-minute photo turned into a contemplative, polished, and thought-provoking essay. 

While on the surface, Hunter’s senior presentation was a hilarious representation of his life at Dublin, deep down he showed us his true sense of self and worries about the future—worries and musings that, perhaps, only a trip to the Emergency Room might bring.