New Faculty Member - Bernarda Del Villar

Ms. Bernarda DelVillar knew she wanted to become a teacher because of her incredible high school teachers—how much she admired them and how enriching she found their classes. As she describes her passion as an educator, she says, “I [always] knew I wanted to have a positive impact on people. I knew I wanted to help people broaden their perspectives.” 

Dublin is fortunate to have such a passionate, knowledgeable teacher: her fascination with Spanish language and culture, her expertise, and her high expectations for herself and her students show how far-reaching and sustaining that adolescent interest has become. Students, immersed in intensive discussions with far-ranging topics, find themselves challenged and, often, surprised and excited by what they can communicate in Spanish. DelVillar pushes her students to go above and beyond their own expectations.

When she considers her greatest influences, many come to mind and heart. “I have had great influences in my life, from my grandmother who raised me to great professors in grad school.” Education happens all of the time, in all realms. “Here at Dublin,” DelVillar notes, “I consider Mrs. Doenmez a great influence. She constantly makes me think about my teaching and being better!”

Outside of the classroom, you will find DelVillar reading, searching for warm American beaches, listening to Carlos Vives, or spending time with her children. “I read everything,” she says, “from cookbooks on.” In fact, relatedly, if she could take any class right now, she would take a French baking class. “I love rereading and finding something special there.” She recommends Love in the Time of Cholera.

As for her quest to find the perfect beach, she grew up in Columbia, “where all of the beaches were nice and warm. [Hence,] [she] travel[s] from beach to beach here in America, looking for that. The closest [she’s] found is Cape Cod.”

What drew her to Dublin—a bit out of the way of these gloriously warm beaches? The culture. As she describes, she is excited about “everything” here. She has been delighted at her students’ energy. “I love the students and the classes I am teaching,” she comments. “[The students] are full of energy and they want to learn and be fluent. They also curious about the culture, and I enjoy being with them.”

DelVillar joins Dublin from an independent school in Ohio where she taught AP Spanish. She has both her Masters in Education and another in Spanish and Latin American Studies.