Giving Blood, Giving Life

A couple of years ago, a student asked if Dublin could organize a blood drive on campus. Ms. Mackey remembers that the galvanizing force had been a recent tragedy: an earthquake. That empathetic spirit has transformed an idea into a tradition.

 Mackey recalls, “I helped [those interested students] figure out how to start, and we have been able to have the Blood Mobile on campus for the past four years. This year we had 33 sign up and we had 24 that were able to donate.”

 As Ms. Curtis shared during Morning Meeting, this seemingly small action can save lives, change lives, and enhance lives. 

 Ms. Mackey was pleased that so many first-time donors participated in Dublin’s Blood Drive. She says, “I had four or five students want to donate but couldn’tbecause of their age, and [these students] have asked if I can find an off-campus blood drive that they can attend in January or February because they will be old enough then.” Sometimes, even those eager to help this important cause cannot. As Mackey explains, “The biggest challenge is students that live out of the country or have traveled to certain countries. They are unable to donate blood.”

 Those who donated blood felt that, in their own way, merely a few moments, they helped impact something sustaining, something crucial. We celebrate those who volunteered to donate blood and who took the time to help others this week. These students showed real courage.