Fall Community Service

On Halloween morning, the Boys’ Soccer Team walked to the Dublin Town Cemetery, where they helped the caretaker move close to 200 footstones. The boys visited the graves of Whitney, the Lehmanns, Gillespie, Horgan, and Pierce. As Mr. McFall describes, “They paid homage to those six individuals.”

McFall continues, saying, “We had a great time doing something for the community. And it was amazing to move so many footstones!”

That same morning, the Girls’ Soccer team held an event for local families and children. Children, dressed in their best, funniest, most charming, most adorable costumes, joined the team for a festive Halloween event!

Reflecting on the day, Kate Barrett says that “it was really fun setting up with the team and seeing all the little kids in their costumes. I think working with the kids around the Dublin area is such a great opportunity because not only did it make their Halloween fun, but it also allowed us to spend time with them.”