Dublin's Largest Open House Yet

Sunday brought beautifully autumnal weather, a bustling campus, and 58 prospective Dublin families. The Admissions Office, with the help of student and faculty panelists and presenters, hosted a swimmingly successful Open House. 

 In fact, it has been Dublin’s largest Open House ever, and the spirit of the day matched the grand occasion. 

Jill Hutchins, Dean of Enrollment Management, described it as a “great day with great energy.” Matt Parker, Assistant Director of Admissions, echoed that it was an “awesome group of people, many of whom—based on the quality of the day—are hopefully going to join us next year.” Mr. Bates, Head of School, appreciates the “great buzz” about Dublin that has been circulating. 

With 58 families and 144 people, new energy and curious faces graced the campus. Prospective students from China, Louisiana, Maryland, Mississippi, Connecticut—all across New England and the country—traveled to Dublin for four action-packed hours. 65% of attendees were interested borders, while 35% were interested day students.

 Mr. Bates spoke to the visitors about something unique and powerfully engrained in Dublin’s culture: our traditions. He listed as many traditions that came to mind: Mountain Day, Camping Trips, Moxie Award, Reach the Beach, Milk and Cookies, Advisor Lunch, Maple Sugaring, WinterFest, MayFair, Coffee House, Work Gang, Morning Meeting, Celebration of Light, etc. —and even this is not an exhaustive list. Then he spoke about how these traditions have helped sculpt the essence of our incredibly inclusive, vibrant, and appreciative community. 

Visitors enjoyed a sampling of classes, heard the Dubliners sing, and watched the dance students perform. Classes run by Ms. Sintetos, Ms. Doenmez, Mr. Maguire, Mr. Weis engaged students: all of whom learned a great deal, laughed, and enjoyed the energy of these teachers. As for the Arts Department, they put on a spectacular afternoon, as to be expected. Visitors were thrilled to hear melodic, captivating songs and to witness impeccable and imaginative dance pieces.

Hutchins describes the Student Panel as the highlight of the day, where Sydney Clarke, Aidan Ferguson, Lilly Campbell, G.H. Werowinski, and Noelia Calcano joined prospective students for an authentic Dublin question-and-answer session. G.H. spoke about his incredible friendships and the ways that they have blossomed, Aidan Ferguson spoke about the one-of-a-kind Learning Skills Program and his journey in learning to balance AP coursework, Sydney spoke about the community: one that invites us all to be ourselves, be vulnerable, be compassionate, be trusting. 

Thank you to the students and faculty members who gave time, energy, and honesty to our visitors. As Ms. Hutchins always reminds us in Morning Meeting, all that we at Dublin need to do to represent ourselves to the outside community is to be ourselves, love what we love, and show the joyful home we have here.