Acting The Song - End of Term Showcase

This fall’s theater elective, Acting the Song, is wrapping up today, this Friday, with an end-of-term showcase in the Recital Hall at 3:30pm. The class will be performing works from the musical Oliver as well as a song from the recent hit Spring Awakening. This course gives students both an historical overview of the development of musical theater in America, as well as hands-on experience with the vocal and acting techniques used to perform a song in the context of a play. What does the character want? How do the character’s relationships and given circumstances inform the way they deliver the story of the song? How does the musical accompaniment support or add irony to the underlying emotions or intentions of the character? How has the role of the song changed in relation to the narrative structure of the play over time? These are some of the questions we have sought to answer with this course. 

Acting the Songis the perfect lead up to our Winter Play season, as several students go on to join the cast of the musical. We have just completed auditions for this year’s show, Urinetown. We have a terrific cast of 22 talented and hardworking students who have brought passion and a good sense of humor to the audition process—we will need both with this farcical critique of corporate greed and musical theater tropes in general!