Senior Projects

By: Jenny Foreman 

Senior Project grew out of the desire to create a mission-centered opportunity for students to culminate their Dublin education through a self-designed study that has both a scholarly and creative component. How do we develop curiosity, teach independent research and study skills essential to college, and promote deep learning and innovative ways of sharing that new learning? And what can we learn about ourselves in the process? 

Now in its second year, Senior Project is well underway, with fifteen seniors pursuing learning in areas of their own special interest. The projects this year range from linguistics to acoustics, education to fashion design, programming and virtual reality to barbeque and botany. Students will conduct scholarly research, create and perform experiments, design curricular materials, and produce artistic works. Students have spent the first part of the term developing questions to help guide and focus their studies, and have set initial research and action goals based on these questions. Each student will eventually work with an on-campus mentor who will help guide the development of the project.

While all of these projects will be formally documented in a scholarly paper and presented to the school at the end of the year for Mayfair weekend, there are other checkpoints along the way that give the seniors an opportunity to share their work with both adults and peers for dialogue, feedback, questioning, and support. Stay tuned for blog posts, morning meeting announcements, and the occasional newsletter feature.

It has been invigorating to meet with this group of seniors and on a daily basis hear a new development, challenge or fun fact that has emerged. 

Stay tuned for updates to the Senior Project page on our website that will have a full listing of the project topics, links to blogs and other news. And if you happen to have any expertise in the areas of study and want to get involved or introduce us to new sources of learning, we welcome your participation and interest!