Sailing at Portland, Maine err... Dublin NH - October 3, 2015

Dublin Sailors were scheduled to race in Portland, ME Sat 10/3 but the regatta was canceled due to high winds.  Instead the team assembled at the Whitney Boat House Saturday afternoon to sail in white-cap winds on Dublin Lake.  Air temps were in the mid 40s, which is cold for early October!  The water was far warmer than the air.  The sailors were properly dressed for the day with non-cotton underlayers and on top the wonderful dry suits donated by several Dublin Sailing alumnus over the years.  Most sailors headed to the far end of the lake where the wind was strongest.  Some chose to sail closer to the WBH-end where the wind was tempered by Beech Hill.

Then there was Halle.  She joined Mr. Catlin on his 29er skiff, which is the boat women sail in the Olympics.  Halle worked hard learning how to fly on the 29er trapeze; as she learned 'the ropes' they did some capsizing and swimming, but on numerous occasions they also sailed faster than a C420 can ever sail.  At the right moments, Mr. Catlin would like to introduce more Sailors to the joys, thrills, and occasional spills of skiff sailing.

In all a great sailing day and a fine interruption to the team's season-long Saturday competitive events.

Dublin School

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