Managing the Commons

I remember taking a great Environmental Studies course in college where we studied a fascinating book called Managing the Commons. It spoke about the idea of the "commons" in places like England where towns had shared open space that served as a community resource. People often met and conversed on these commons while letting their animals graze on the vast expanses of grass and meadow. At Dublin School most of our communication is done face to face, often on our quad, yet without the animals. We also have a virtual "commons" called our Gmail Commons where any member of the community can send an email to the entire school. While preparing for Family Weekend I was reading the Commons emails and noticed that they told a story about our school that our parents might not readily know or see. I have decided to share some of these emails to the Commons from a single 36 hour period on our campus. What story do they tell you?

 Students in the William Spencer Student Center

Students in the William Spencer Student Center

[Commons] Boys’ Soccer

Please make sure to eat breakfast tomorrow. Also please wear jackets, Hyelom

{[Commons] Lost Students

I seem to have lost Sam and Wyatt H. Please send them to Campus Central if you see them.

Mr. Johnson

{Commons} International Cultures Club

Dear Dublin Community,

     In order to promote understandings of international cultures in the Dublin community,I am setting up an international cultures club. Everyone is invited to this wonderful, precious,beautiful, brilliant, splendid, magnificent, resplendent, majestic, grand, imposing and breathtaking club during club block tomorrow in Mr.Weis’s room.We will discuss the details in our meeting.(We can also play bridge in his room).

If you have any questions, please email/ask Hyeong Bin Chu and me.

[Commons] Clean up your mess!

To whomever left their dishes and water bottles this is unacceptable !!!!!! We all use this space and should respect it. 

[Commons] Creative Writing Club Meeting Tonight in Ms. Jennings Classroom!

[Commons]  Math Help


I will be in Mr.Maguire's classroom from 6:30 to 7:30 tonight. 

If anyone has trouble with doing his/her homework, test corrections, quiz preparation for pre-calculus and calculus, it will be the great time to get a lot of work done! Thank you. Hyeong Bin

[Commons] Dancers Please Read

Please remember costume items and trying out how you will wear your hair today. We will be taking some photos. We start at 1pm

[Commons] Sailing has a home race today!

Hey guys today the sailing team has their only home race against another school. We are racing brewster and it would be awesome to get some support even if it was only for a little while!

[Commons] More Robotics!

Dr. Redfield will be available during dinner in the Cafe for questions and discussion of her work with robots.  Please join us!

Ms. Brehm

[Commons] Rock Band Take Two!

If you didn't reply to the first email but still want to perform at a coffee house....

Reply to this email! thanks    -Cam

[Commons] GSA Meeting Tonight

Hi everyone!

GSA will be meeting informally tonight during dinner in Gillespie. Everyone is welcome to join us. You can bring your parents too if you want. 

[Commons] Happy Mole Day!

Today is Mole Day!  10/23 

Want to know why?  Ask someone who has taken chemistry :)

Ms. Jackson

[Commons] Astronomy Tonight

Even though it is Parents Night and you may all be busy, the Observatory will be open for viewing the Heavens from 6:30 onwards. The Crescent moon is up and is great to view at this time as the terminator (where the dark side meets the light) allows you to see the shadows cast by the craters. It also looks like Saturday will be a great night for viewing.

Hope to see some of you tonight though.