ShamROCK Weekend Recap

This past weekend ROCKED thanks to the Shamrock Duty Team! 

On Friday night a new game was introduced to the school by Mr. Johnson called strike ball. This game has two objectives, the first is to eliminate the other team using dodgeball rules, and the second is to score on the goal, which is being guarded by a goalie who is exempt from the dodgeball rules/part of the game unless he or she is the last one standing. Danny Figueroa said, “Playing strikeball with Brooks this weekend was an unexpected highlight because a lot of people came out to compete against each other and share some laughs.” 

Saturday was an extremely productive morning on campus as all of the workgang groups worked to complete the tasks at hand. A huge thank you to Dylan Pierpont for all the help during workgang. We all appreciate the work you do! 

Girls Soccer had a home game on Saturday against Vermont Academy. It was a tough fight which they lost (3-2), but each girl had a wonderful game and played with admirable passion!  Shout out to McLaren Bristol and Clare Halacy, our women of the match!

On Saturday night, although some people went to the movies or candlepin bowling, the student center was filled with action. Some were watching hockey and soccer in the TV room, while others were playing pool, foosball, ping pong, and listening to music!

On Sunday, Mr. Johnson taught some blacksmithing techniques to a few students. This event was loads of fun! The next time this event is offered, I would recommend giving it a try.

Hope everyone enjoyed this weekend! Get pumped for the next ShamROCK weekend!