Our Music, Our Voices, Our Story By: Jenny Foreman

What is music? How do we listen to music? What does music tell us about culture, human experience, history? How do musicians work together to blend the various “voices” in a given piece of repertoire? How do we set and follow through on practice goals? These are some of the questions at the core of our music curriculum.

The studios, stages, and practice rooms are abuzz with students working individually and in groups to bring music to our campus. Mr. Marr is leading the Dubliners, Jazz Ensemble and Chamber Singers, all of whom will be performing next week (along with our dance groups) for Family Weekend in our performing arts showcase. Mr. Siegel is busy in the recording studio, guiding a group a students in the process of learning the ins and outs of music technology and sound engineering in our Music Production course. And the Music Performance Lab class, new this year, consists of a group of motivated individual musicians working in various genres and instrumentations from electronic music to solo cello, mentored by Mr. Marr. 

Seven students have begun preparations for the All State Music Festival auditions, which take place in November. Last year we had one student, Ava Mackay-Smith, audition and attend the intense and inspiring spring Festival as a part of the chorus. This year’s we hope to send representatives from Dublin’s music program to participate in both the choral and band components of the Festival.

Stay tuned for announcement about our end of term recital, the production of a holiday album and an open mic night!