Amnesty International - Ava Mackay-Smith

If you don’t believe in human rights, then do you ACTUALLY exist? ’Cause you’re human. So naturally you should support this by joining a human rights organization. It’s an hour a week to show you have faith in humanity. JOIN AMNESTY INTERNATIONAL.

This year our regional focus is the My Body, My Rights project (abbreviated MBMR) which is working to establish basic women’s rights for every female, such as choice for abortion and availability of contraception.  We have a bunch of petitions up right now. Last year, we got the school to write more than fifty letters for human rights cases, and it was fantastic. We worked on the Saudi Arabian blogger case and halted his punishment for more than four weeks!

Student body: come check us out! Maybe in thirty years when you are imprisoned in Russia for saying that the President of Russia is an idiot, Amnesty will write lots of letters and start a program to release you! It will pay off especially if you want to have a fair and equal world for you and your children!