Sailing - October 9, 2015

Rain does not stop Dublin Sailors.  Friday afternoon 10/9 Dublin Sailors were on the lake in force running drills and taking advantage of the good wind frequently found in rainy weather.  About an inch of rain fell during practice.  Just off the WBH the team ran several iterations of the "Mike Bard drill" which, in about 7 minutes per-run, drills sailors on starts, tacking, gybing, leeward mark rounding and boat handling in close quarters.  All are important skills for success when racing.  6 of 8 boats used by the team Friday are visiblein the photo. Amidst the rain drops the Sailors visible from left-to-right are:  Robbie and Charlie, Wyatt and Faith, Silas and Mr Scalfano, Aidan and Ava.

Dublin School

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