Macchu Picchu and Home

Macchu Picchu and Home

Today was a bitter sweet day... after 12 days in Peru where we have been on the beach, in the mountains and a little bit in the jungle, our time here has ended. We have been able to go back in time with the Incas and learn about their history and culture, we have met incredible people, tasted delicious food and listened to the Andenian music.

Our time here helped us not only to improve our Spanish but to helped us immerse ourselves in a new culture full of colors and contrasts.

First Day in Cusco

Today has been another incredible day.

The archeological site was amazing, it is unbelievable that the Inkas were ahead of time in so many ways, specially with architecture. We learned a lot about that in Saqsaywaman. Saqsaywaman is a citadel on the northern outskirts of the city of Cusco, Peru, the historic capital of the Inca Empire.

On to Cusco

Today it has been an incredible day. It was a bit hectic  because of our flight to Cusco. But we are safe and sound in our homestays.

We started our day learning about the Pre-Colombian culture at the Larco Museum in the beautiful neighborhood of Pueblo Libre. Here we learned with Cecilia our guide how the indigenous lived in Peru many centuries ago. She explained what they wore, ate, their belief systems etc.