Boys Tennis vs. Winchendon School - Win (6-3) - April 20, 2018

The Boys came through with their first victory of the season beating Winchendon 6-3. Rohan Gold (Forest Hills, NY), James Wolpe (Dublin, NH) and Otto Vogel (Dublin, NH) were all victorious in the singles giving us a 3-3 score. Thanks to the great doubles play of Rohan / William Orr Jr (Charlotte, NC), James / Otto and Eric Freeman (Needham, MA)/ Alex Goltz (Dallas, TX) gave us the doubles sweep to clinch the match.

Great job everybody!

Girls Tennis vs. Stoneleigh Burnham School - Win (6-3) - April 18, 2018

The girls' tennis team scored a 6-3 win against Stoneleigh-Burnham Wednesday afternoon in very chilly and windy conditions. Taya Kerwin won an exciting match 9-8 in a tie-break.

Mya Kerwin vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #1 1-8
Taya Kerwin vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #2 9-8
Amelia Pyron vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #3 8-4
Grace Harrington vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #4 8-3
Olivia O'Rourke vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #5 8-5
Antonia Bean vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #6 1-8


Mya Kerwin/Taya Kerwin vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #1 8-4
Amelia Pyron/Grace Harringrton vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #2 8-4
Antonia Bean/Rebecca Magruder vs. Stoneleigh-Burhnam #3 6-8

Boys Tennis vs. Tilton School - Loss (3-6) - April 18, 2018

Another tough battle in the frigid temps. 

The boys had a great away match today against The Tilton School. Eric Freeman had an awesome day getting two points for the team but it wasn't quite enough in the 6 - 3 loss.


1 Rohan Gold vs Benny Gantrish   0 - 6, 2 - 6
2 James Wolpe vs Sam Blaisdell   6 -2, 7 - 5
3 Will Orr vs Peter Saliba   3 - 6, 2 - 6
4 Otto Vogel vs Max LeRow   0 -6, 4 - 6
5 Eric Freeman vs Ziqi Li   6 - 1, 5 - 7, 10 - 8
6 Alex Goltz vs Xingwei Li   0 - 6, 1 - 6


1 James Wolpe / Will Orr vs Benny Gantrish / Sam Blaisdell   3 - 8
2 Rohan Gold / Otto Vogel  vs Peter Saliba / MaxLee LeRow   2 - 8
3 Eric Freeman / Alex Goltz vs Matt LeVesque / Nikolai Bofinger   8 - 4

Ultimate Frisbee vs. Putney School - Win (12-6) - April 14, 2018

On Saturday, Dublin hosted Putney at Upper Field for their 2018 home opener. The temperature was 50 degrees at the start of the game, which made for ideal conditions. In the first half, it was clear that DUT had learned a lot from their first game against Four Rivers. The vertical stack was more organized, resets looked sharper, and players were on the same page defensively. Senior captain, Miles Morgan, stepped up at the start of the game, scoring the first 3 goals and recording a block. He would finish with 7 goals. Silas Howe also had a big game, with 2 goals, 8 assists, and 7 blocks. Dublin easily took the first half 8-3.

However, the weather became a factor as temperatures dropped into the low 30s. The disc became much harder to catch, and unforced errors became increasingly prevalent for both teams. Despite this, Dublin powered through and eventually took a 12-6 victory. Timmy Stone was the unsung hero of the game. He notched only one assist, but he had numerous possession saving catches, which were key in enabling DUT to stay in control of the game. First-year player, James Bostrup also made an impact, tallying 4 blocks, despite being thrust into a brand new role on defense.

DUT now looks forward to their next test against Charlemont on Wednesday.

Girls Lacrosse vs. Stoneleigh Burnham School - Win (17-1) - April 14, 2018

Dublin girls visited traditional rival Stoneleigh Burnham School on Saturday for a Spring Family Weekend game.  Unfortunately, injuries and sickness depleted the SBS team, such that they could not field a 12 member team. We agreed to play 11 on 11 as a result. When an SBS player was injured in the early minutes, we reduced the game to a 10 on 10 contest.

Dublin dominated from the opening whistle with Aggie Macy (Dublin, NH) scoring seconds into play.  Macy and Bette Imhoff (Dublin, NH) scored early hat tricks to force a seven-goal lead. At this point, the coaches pulled most of the offensive starters and put in all five new players who made the trip to get them playing experience.  The half continued with experienced offensive players shuffling in and out and restricted to trying to help the new players get scoring opportunities and learn the game.  Sam Pfeffer (Lexington, MA) and Laura Qu (Qingdao, China) scored their first varsity goals.  

In the second half, many of Dublin's players were moved to unfamiliar positions. This led to a number of defensive players scoring their first goals of the season. 

Scoring for Dublin: Macy (3G, 1A); Imhoff (3G); Liza Runyon (G)(Peterborough, NH); Camille Pollak (2G) (Laconia, NH); Tatiyana Dunkers (2G) (Newark, NJ); Pfeffer (2G); Stella Davis (1G, 1A) (Dublin, NH); Celeste Hopson (1G) (Newark, NJ); Qu (1G). Goaltender Jess Meyers (Scotch Plains, NJ) had 4 saves.