Crossing the PRISM Line

As if building a new “Slopeside” Dormitory, expanding the Louise Shonk Kelly Recital Hall and rebuilding the David E. Howe Administration Building were not enough, the Dublin School Board of Trustees has approved commencing construction on the Dublin School PRISM Center. This project is a creative reuse and expansion of the existing library building.  The project will bring together the mathematics, science and computer science disciplines into one space for the first time.

The Charge of the Lightning Brigade 

One of the universal truths of the music scene is that guitar players tend to attract each other. Alex Antonellis (Harwich, MA) was looking out of his window in the fall and saw Grady Allen (Shepherdstown, WV) trudging across the quad with a guitar case in tow. Alex ran out of his dorm and before long, Alex and Grady were busy jamming, sharing ideas and talking about their love for different forms of modern rock music, particularly heavy metal and grunge.  They enlisted a singer and a base player and signed up to play at an open mike night at the Dublin community center.