Nice Shoutout for DS Skiing.

In an interview with, Will Sweetser, the new coach at Burke Mountain Academy, had the following to say about the strength of New England Skiing:

: Well, one, it’s vastly less travel. I am going to spend, I don’t even want to guess the number of fewer miles I am going to drive, but a significant amount. The proximity of other strong programs is just outstanding. One of the things that makes New England the strongest region in the nation is that we have such a strong club system, thanks in large part to NENSA [New England Nordic Ski Association], but the proximity to GMVS [Green Mountain Valley School] and Stratton and Craftsbury is just great. I think it is excellent that all those programs are in Vermont, not too far from one another and can bang heads, and for that matter, [NENSA Head Cross-Country Coach] Margaret [Maher’s] program over at Lake Placid, and then the rekindling of the Dublin School if you go a little further out. I think that if you drew a radius around [Vermont’s] upper valley, you really get to some super-strong programs.

Equestrian at State Finals

Congratulations to the Dublin Equestrian Show Team! Caroline Robbins and Mia Brady were 3rd and 4th over all in their respective classes, for State Finals!!!

NHHSET (New Hampshire High School Equestrian Team) has 21 High Schools in the state that have equestrian teams, divided in four different districts. Dublin School is in District 1 (with Conval, Monadnock, and Hillsboro-Deering). District 1 was the overall High Point District with total points!!! Great job team! Just to put this in prospective, District 1 is the smallest district in the state and Dublin School is the smallest team in NHHSET. That makes this extra special!!!

Congratulations to the entire Equestrian Team for a great season and thank you to everyone on the team for always being their to help and support each other!!! Also, a shout-out to Ms Rabb for her outstanding job as horse show announcer (including the state finals)!!!! Thank you and great job to the entire team!

Last Week Today

Wow, things really ramp up here on campus as we speed into graduation! I just returned from Millinocket, Maine where I spent forty-eight hours with the junior class talking about their senior year and rafting the high waters of the Penobscot River. I like to take this trip every May to start preparing the next class of seniors for helping the faculty to run the school. School culture is important at Dublin, in fact it may be the most important thing, and I want the seniors to be intentional about how they shape and manage that culture.

The Rise of DUT

The Rise of DUT

In 2016, Denis Maguire joined the faculty and took over the DUT program with Phinney. Maguire, an accomplished player at Bowdoin had high hopes in his first year.  He expected the high level techniques and strategies that he had learned at Bowdoin and in club ultimate to translate instantly to the Dublin field.  While some did, most did not, and Maguire realized that the team simply wasn’t ready for what he thought would work.  As the 2016 season progressed, Maguire and Phinney refocused on developing throwing fundamentals and implementing a zone defense to counteract the potent offenses that they faced.  While the team made progress through 2016, competitive results lagged — games were closer than before but the overall record reflected our inexperience.

“Excited About the Distance:” Nemo Chen on How to Make a Robotic Suit in 3 Weeks

“Excited About the Distance:” Nemo Chen on How to Make a Robotic Suit in 3 Weeks

If you walk up the stairs to the Wing and Hollow loft, the upstairs open-plan room in one of our boys’ dormitories, you will meet this a builder’s studio. Bordered with snow boots, winter gear, and general storage items, you will see tools, duct tape, coils of wires, and a stunning army-style robotic suit. On recent nights, you will see students in Wing and Hollow marveling at the suit, trying it on, testing its movement function, and helping the designer photograph his work.

Boys Lacrosse vs. Cushing Academy JV - Win (10-0) - May 19, 2017

Boys Lacrosse vs. Cushing Academy JV - Win (10-0) - May 19, 2017

The boys finished out the season with a convincing 10-0 shutout of the Cushing Academy JV.  The starting units on both offense and defense had strong performances, and put together a comprehensive half of lacrosse before reserve players started to be subbed in. The game showed flashes of brilliance from young, first time defenders junior Garret Autera and freshman Isaac Espada, and also highlighted up and coming midfielders like sophomore Kyle Mincey and freshman Dereck Elmera.

Monadnock Field Research

Dublin AP Environmental Studies students are partnering with the the Environmental Studies Department at Antioch University New England in their Monadnock Ecological Research and Education (MERE) Project. Through several long-term ecological research projects, the MERE Project is working to develop an in-depth understanding of Mount Monadnock’s current ecological patterns and processes. As climate changes in the years to come, the MERE Project will monitor its progression by looking at what changes occur to the composition of the natural communities of Mount Monadnock.