Boys Varsity Soccer vs. BART Charter Public School - Win (6-0) - October 14, 2017

On Saturday the Dublin boy's soccer team played BART.  The first half was hard fought between both teams.  Will Boot was able to score with an assist from Fabryce Joseph.  Eric Gu followed this with his first Dublin goal as a freshman.  Lawrence Chen was in goal and kept all three of BART's shots out of the net.  During halftime, the Dublin boys regrouped for a strong second half.  Early in the second half Fab score a goal in the top right corner.  Soon after Issac Callaghan got his second goal of the season bringing the score to 4-0.  Near the end of the half, David Pan got a goal along with Will Boot.  6-0 Dublin final.

Sailing at 2017 Family Weekend Regatta - October 14, 2017

2017 Family Weekend Regatta was held just off the Whitney Boat House on a sunny and warm Saturday afternoon 10/14.  A crowd of onlookers filled the boat house porch and dock during the racing.  Six boats competed in light air over five races for the coveted first-place DG cookies.  After each race all but one boat team switched crew positions.  Almost every racer raced several races in both the driver and forward positions demonstrating before the onlookers they are all becoming competent sailors, even if some had never been in a boat before school began six weeks ago.

Hispanic Heritage Month - Gabriela Quintero

I never really thought about how much celebrating Hispanic Heritage month would mean to me until I realized how important being a Latina is as a part of my identity. Growing up in a diverse area in New Jersey, I got to learn a lot about my Colombian and Bolivian cultures because of my family getting me into festivals, customs, traditions, food, music, dance, and more. I grew up with traditions that I thought were normal such as the Hispanic- State parades that I often attended and even have been part of, but now not being able to celebrate this at a predominantly white school has made me realize how much it is needed and how important it is. 

A Catalyst for a More Equitable World: Visions Training at Dublin School

A Catalyst for a More Equitable World:  Visions Training at Dublin School

On Friday, October 13, Visions, a non-profit training and consulting program with offices in Massachusetts, North Carolina, and California, came to Dublin School to run sessions for students. Visions advertises their vision: “to be a catalyst for a more equitable world where differences are valued and used for the benefit of all.”

Before the session, the whole school watched an excerpt from Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie’s “The Danger of a Single Story” TED Talk, which explains that if one has a “single story” of a person or of a group of people different from their own, there exists “no possibility of feelings more complex than pity, no possibility of a connection as human equals.” Visions asked students to contemplate which “single stories” they feed into and believe in the Dublin Community. 

A Cross-Country Odyssey - 7,000 Miles on my Own - Michelle Knapp

Before heading out, I was a little nervous about driving 7000 miles for nearly a month on my own and camping out for many of those nights in my car. With only my Audible account (all seven Harry Potter books, Trevor Noah’s Born a Crime, and a series of lectures on European history) and a stuffed prairie dog from the Badlands to keep me company (sane?), I found myself in alien landscapes far from the comforting forests and hills of the northeast

“Opening a Space so that We Can Declare Ourselves:” Devyn Itula on the Performing Arts

When she was three, Devyn Itula, ’18, began finding her way in what would become one of her greatest passions: dance.

While she only took “baby classes” once or twice a week, her routine of dance classes evolved; by the time she was seven, she was taking classes three days a week. Classes varied from ballet to lyrical to jazz to, occasionally, tap. By the time she was eleven, Devyn was dancing competitively on a team that she would continue to work with through age fifteen.

Cal Butler '07 - Senior Consultant - Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc.

Cal Butler '07 is a Senior Consultant at Booz Allen Hamilton, Inc. in Washington, D.C. He works on the Air Force's Invisible Wounds Initiative, which seeks to improve perceptions of treatments for PTSD. He was recently interviewed by the Milla Hispanic Leadership forum for his immigration advocacy and counter-terrorism experience. He graduated from George Washington University with a degree in International Affairs in 2013. 

Learning About Yourself through the Process of Discovery: The New Yorker Festival 2017

This weekend, this year’s winners of The New Yorker Festival Writing Contest—Mia Brady, ’18, and Nico Posner, ’19—headed to the bustling Big Apple with Mr. Jonathan Phinney, English Instructor, and Learning Specialist. The contest, which was created last year, invites students to submit 1,000-word stories under a new theme each year; the submissions are read blindly, meaning that no student names appear (and no work can be submitted that has previously been read by a teacher); and two winners are chosen. This year, in addition to the regular panel—Ms. Jenny Foreman, Ms. Rachael Jennings, Ms. Laurie LeClair, Mr. Jonathan Phinney, Ms. Sophia Rabb, Mr. Alexander Scalfano, and Mr. Henry Walters—last year’s contest winners, Caroline Robbins, ’18, and Owen Mortner, ’18, read and ranked the anonymous fiction submissions.