Energy Challenge

In March a donor presented us with a challenge gift to support our latest building effort. The donor had the brilliant idea of leveraging their gift to encourage students to participate in a study of how best to heat the building. To my surprise over sixteen students signed on to help me with the challenge and we met for our second meeting last night. To say I was impressed with the level of discussion among the students would be a vast understatement. The student led discussion covered everything from the "embedded" energy in a wood pellet to the amount of heat a person or computer contributes to an enclosed environment, to the BTU's generated by a geothermal system, to the installation costs of a forced hot water system.  Some of the students were building on their extensive knowledge developed in Ms. Jackson's AP Environmental Science course and others seem to simply have a natural interest in HVAC systems! In two weeks the group will present their findings to our trustee Building Committee, and they have been forewarned that this committee has an MIT trained engineer who asks tough questions! I am happy that we are working to make a construction project an educational experience for our whole community.