Last week a newly accepted student named Wyatt stopped by my office to accept our offer of admission in person. Wyatt brought personal notes for the different people in the school that he had met through the admission process. It was clear that Wyatt already felt like part of the Dublin family and I was touched by his graciousness. We feel fortunate to have him and he is joining what is shaping up to be an outstanding ninth grade class for next year. I have been struck with the great character we are seeing in the group of students who are visiting and applying to Dublin. These are not cynical young people; they are filled with ideas, curious and eager to make their mark either trying new things or sharing their advanced skills and knowledge. They seem drawn by the sense of community, our values, our deeply engaged faculty, and the signature programs that we offer. We have a big number of families returning to campus for revisit day on Thursday and I can't wait--both as a parent and a head of school!!