Snow Day!

I have taken a great deal of pride in not calling a snow day since arriving at Dublin, but I broke down yesterday. January is often the hardest month to live, work and play in a northern New England boarding school, however our Dean of Students Simon McFall, along with our entire community, has worked to make it one of the best January's at Dublin School that I can remember. It seemed fitting to take a day to relax, sleep in, help shovel the campus and play in the snow.

One student told me that it was wonderful to have time to read for fun. A small group of sophomores went backcountry skiing and snowboarding on the old ski slopes, individuals went cross country skiing, Rich groomed every open patch of snow he could find in New Hampshire with our new snow cat, students built a quinzee hut out of snow, and the Norm Wight Ski Slope was packed with students and teachers for two hours! Here are some photos from the day.