Competitive Art?!

I love that Dublin School art teacher (and incredible artist) Earl Schofield is competitive. From the athletic fields to the classroom, and from the Fountain Arts Building to the Horgan Art Center, we at Dublin have a history of being chip on the shoulder, Moxie imbibing, little sibling, nose bleeding, gritty, scrappers and competitors. We are tired of hearing Exeter this and St. Paul's that. When it comes to the Scholastic Art Awards Mr. Schofield and his artists are not the hand holding, Kumbaya type, they mean business. Exeter, St. Paul's and the other public and private schools in New Hampshire were firmly in their cross hairs!

So, it was no surprise when on Friday in Morning Meeting, "Schof" got up in front of the home crowd in the Shonk Recital Hall to announce the results from the New Hampshire Scholastic Art Awards. 

The full awards from Mr. schofield are below. By the time Mr. Schofield showed that Che '15 had personally and individually defeated entire prep schools and school districts in total number of Gold Keys, the crowd was in a frenzy. Having seen these students work so hard over the last four months in preparation for this competition I am a very proud head of school. Beyond the awards, the art these students have created is stunning, original, sublime and inspiring. Congratulations to our portfolio team and Mr. Schofield and Ms. Silitch for their well deserved recognition. (Thank you Tricia and Jess for sending me photos of your work for the blog)

Emily Bascom  1 Silver Key 1 gold keys 1 Gold key Portfolio

Katia Dermott 1 Silver Key

Daria Gross  3 Honorable Mentions 1 Silver Key and 1 Gold Key  Honorable mention Portfolio

Piper Hewitt 1 Honorable mention and 1 Silver Key

Jess Isaacs 2 honorable Mentions 2 Silver Keys 1 Gold Key 1 honorable Mention Portfolio 1 gold Key portfolio

Che Ryeong Jung  2 honorable mentions  2 Silver Keys 6 Gold Keys  1 Gold Key Portfolio 1 American Visions Best of Show Award

 Patricia Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan

Patricia Sullivan 1 honorable mention  2 Gold keys  1 honorable mention portfolio

Kelly Park  1 Gold Key

Erin Tourgee 1 Silver Key, 1 Gold Key, 1 Silver Key Portfolio 1 Gold Key Portfolio

Juliette Valade 1 honorable mention 1 Gold Key

Hannah Whitesel  1 honorable mention 1 Silver Key 1 Honorable mention Portfolio