I love school...



This photo captures Tele and May’s attempt to prevent me from going to school this morning. They are going to have to try harder than that!

The thing is, I love going to school. The moment I step into the Shonk Recital Hall for Morning Meeting I feel the energy of the students and faculty as they wait to participate in our daily community event. This morning the students in a summer Marine Biology class taught us what they learned about benthos, warm water currents, and carbon circulation; we talked about the anniversary of 9/11 (one student had organized a moment of silence before the faculty had even arrived from our faculty meetings); Daria gave an announcement about the film club, and the captains of the athletic teams provided great recaps of yesterday’s events.

Earlier this morning, we had a great faculty meeting where we talked about setting expectations for our students. I thanked the faculty for all their efforts getting the school up and running and for the very successful camping trips.  We continued our discussions of adolescent development with Rebecca Beauzay giving us tips for how to work with students who may be experiencing beginning of school anxiety. As usual we spent the remainder of the meeting talking about students and how to support individual kids who may be struggling. I am so proud of our faculty for their willingness to team up and seek solutions to positively support young men and women. When I was teaching the Ninth Grade Seminar yesterday I asked the first years what has surprised them the most so far at Dublin. One student said she was blown away by how helpful, and even “loving” our faculty were in the first week of classes—many other students nodded their heads.

After a few other meetings today I wandered around campus and sat in four or five classes. Wow! While I expect our faculty to be hard working, I was thrilled by the tone and spirit of the classes I observed. The students were collaborating, working through difficult problems with the “growth mindset” we have been discussing, and asking meaningful and probing questions. 

Tele and May are going to have to work even harder tomorrow morning to block that door!