Our host, Mark Kemsley, took Peter, Carl and me from our hotel on a walk down the Nanjing Road to the “Bund” in Shanghai. We saw the buildings of the old colonial port and looked across the river to see the giant buildings constructed in just the last ten years. Mark showed us the famous Peace Hotel where Chiang Kai Shek lived it up in the 1920’s. The architecture was beautiful and took us right back to the Jazz Age.

We had lunch with the family of a Chinese student and dinner with the father of a Korean student who works in China. The food in Shanghai is delicious and consists of many different plates of fish, pork, chicken, tofu, vegetables, beef, and noodles. Carl, Peter, and I thoroughly enjoyed these meals around a circular table—finding the discussions to be both fascinating and informative. We leave China today after reconnecting with old friends and meeting many new ones whom we hope to visit again.