We are on our way home after a great trip and a wonderful visit with our Korean families in Seoul. Carl, Peter and I spent two days visiting families and touring historic Seoul, seeing ancient palaces, burial grounds, and more modern cafes and restaurants. We were struck by the kindness of our hosts and the rich history and culture of the city. While we were staying in the Gangnam District of the city, not one of us was bold enough to strut our Gangnam Style!

We hosted a party at our hotel for current, past and future Dublin families. It was powerful to hear from families what Dublin has meant for their children. I am deeply proud of the work our faculty has done with these students and I appreciate the sacrifice our foreign families make when they send their children to us.

Lastly, it has been special to have Carl Von Merterns and Peter Imhoff along for the ride. They are wonderful ambassadors of the school and I think it says something that trustees would find it important to gain a better understanding of what our foreign families experience through sending their students to Dublin School. Thank you to all of our hosts and to Peter and Carl for the company. I am now off to spend a few weeks with my family in Colorado to recharge for a sure to be exciting 2014-15 school year!