Head of School Room Inspection!

I just spent the morning inspecting every dormitory room on campus with Dean of Students Eric Nemitz. Mr. Nemitz warned the students that we would be inspecting this morning so there was some extra cleaning done in the dorms last night during their regular "white glove" cleanings. We rate each room based on cleanliness and environmental impact (ie. are lights turned off). One is the lowest grade one can earn and three is the highest. Students compete for best dormitory and best overall room. The students have discovered that I appreciate seeing a  little "flair" in their room decorations, and there is even a rumor going around that my vote can be bought by leaving a can of Moxie or some chocolates out for me. Mr. Nemitz commented that if we did not eat all the chocolates left for us on the students' pillows it might feel a little like the Tooth Fairy didn't come over night--and we all know how that feels.

It is amazing how much a room can tell you about an individual person and I always complete these inspections feeling just that much closer to our students, although I am not so sure they have such warm and fuzzy feelings about the head of school being in their rooms. One finds interesting things in these rooms, from plants to three dimensional printers, from toy car collections to stuffed animals, from dirty socks to musical instruments left out with "play me" signs on them. I also enjoy walking with Mr. Nemitz and hearing his thoughts on how each kid whose room we are in at that moment is doing at school. I am humbled by how well he knows each and every one of our students.

Tomorrow we will announce the best room and best dorm. I will tell you that the winning room has never come close to winning in my six years at Dublin...