The Personal Touch

I have received many compliments about our sailing program recently, from people driving by the lake in the afternoon and seeing our boats there to parents commenting on how much their student--athlete has grown through the sailing program. Coach Loring Catlin has worked with Coaches Silitch and Connell to take the sailing program to a new level at Dublin School. First and foremost I believe that he has done this by focusing on his individual sailors, meeting them where they are, and then pushing them and supporting them to reach new levels. He has taken them all over New England to experience the joy of racing on oceans and lakes, and has made every practice count on Dublin Lake.

Coach Catlin made a personal award for each and every member of the team (see photo) and wrote a heartfelt note about each sailor's contributions on the back. These young people have learned so much about sailing, about teamwork, about preparation and execution, and about themselves by working with Coach Catlin. Thank you to all of our coaches for a wonderful and memorable fall season. Now, let it snow!