Thanksgiving Dinner

Last night we gathered as a school for a traditional American Thanksgiving meal. At these community dinners we dress up in our nicest clothes and are assigned to tables with faculty and students sitting together. These meals are some of my favorite events of the year—they build community, allow us to get to know students who may not be in our classrooms , on our teams or in our dormitories, and help us slow down, unplug and enjoy a healthy meal together. After the meal I started a new tradition and brought everyone into the Shonk Recital Hall and asked people to share something they were thankful for this year. I was nervous that people would be too shy to speak up. Boy was I wrong! After a few brave people spoke up the floodgates opened and I had to stop taking volunteers so that the students could get to their study sessions for exams. It was heartening to see students and faculty expressing their thanks and appreciation to one another in such an authentic way. I feel so fortunate to be both a parent and a head of school in such a supportive and caring community—one that truly brings out our better selves.